Static Vs Dynamic Website: Which Is the Best For Your Business?

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Before you intend to build a website for your business, there are two site models you should know. These are static and dynamic designs, worked with various programming and with their own set of functions. Every website serves a different need fulfilled for that business category. Five Design is a leading web designing company in Delhi can assist you make that decision and help you with the best website development for your business.

Static Websites

They are perused just fixed web pages, built using HTML & CSS, and contain fixed coding. They represent the data as distributed on the web server to the end-user, without reliance on programming and database administration. Further, static website pages look very basic because new data or content is once in a while get affixed to them. However, this doesn't imply that this website model can't be updated. The source code will have to modify for each & every such update by the developer.


  • They are cost-effective because only the support or maintenance of a few web pages is required.
  • Perfect for small and new businesses because user management should be done by even a single person.
  • Web hosting is economical and doesn't need customary updates.
  • The development period will be quick contrasted with a dynamic website.
  • You can be resilient with the layout and designs of the web layout.


  • Lack of client interaction due to one-way communication from the server to the client.
  • Inactive content, which can cause the site to show up still and unmoving in request.
  • In case changes are required, web developers should have to work on every viewpoint. This implies that the business owner can't make any changes of his own and requires returning for every adjustment.
  • In a static site, tapping on a hyperlink take you to the content and interface on a similar site page.

Dynamic Websites

They are most normally utilized today since they are client interactive in function. They can be characterized as websites that comprise of customer side and worker side for two-way interaction for example e-commerce and social networking websites, which require changing correspondence and updates to function. Dynamic websites convey components prompting search features, two-way contacting options, more costly navigation, etc. There are many best website development company in Delhi that can assist you with an outstanding dynamic website for your business.


  • Separate and consistent UI and content. In dynamic websites, clicking on a link conveys similar interface however pulls out the mentioned content from the database.
  • Usable as a Content Management System (CMS) & It can be accessed and modified by you, the entrepreneur from any area. You can add administer user accounts, requests, and inquiries/requests, as well as modify the content presented
  • Reasonable for medium and large-scale companies with various users and staff.
  • Simplicity of updating content and data.
  • • High on useful client interactivity. Since the dynamic website works as a two-way street, the client can look through the database, file and results will be returned.


  • A costly speculation, because it requires high-grade content management, steady update, and support.
  • The improvement will require time because the testing and deployment may go to a few rounds for the expansive functioning


Choosing a static or dynamic site comes down to what the site is expected to do. The difference between static and dynamic websites is very enormous in terms of functionality. However, if your website doesn't need a lot of functionality then a static site might be the most ideal choice. On the other hand, if you require more complex functionality then a dynamic website is the best approach. As a development company, we are here for you to give quality work to your business and we are the top website designing company in Delhi and we offer responsive website development, website design, digital marketing, and SEO services. Connect with us on the best website for our business.

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